1881 The pulp and paper mill Frantschach in Carinthia, Austria, forms the cornerstone of the group of companies owned by the German industrial family Hartmann.
Until the outbreak of the First World War, Wilhelm Hartmann adds factories, holdings and foreign subsidiaries to the group.
1926 After his father’s death, Fritz Wilhelm Hartmann takes over his tasks and becomes head of the Hartmann group.
The economic crisis in the 1930s also weakens the Hartmann companies, parts of which have to be sold.
1938 Expropriation by the Nazi regime.
1952 Restitution and re-establishment of the joint stock company; however, only the Austrian part is restituted and part of the group is lost due to the division of Europe.
A period of International expansion ensues, which lasts until around 1973.
1967 Death of Fritz Wilhelm Hartmann. Harriet Hartmann, née Kaufmann, takes over the management of the group.
1973 Frapag Papiererzeugungs- und Vertriebs AG, headquartered in Vienna, is founded as a holding company for the administration of industrial holdings.
1987 Restructuring and establishment of Frantschach AG as a holding company for domestic and foreign holdings.
1989 Frapag Realitäten GmbH is founded as a holding company for real estate investments. An international portfolio, consisting of office, commercial and residential real estate as well as agriculture and forestry, begins to be set up.
1990 Mondi plc. (Anglo American Group) joins the Frantschach AG as a strategic partner.
1994 HKW private foundation is established for the purposes of asset bundling.
1996-2004 Remaining shares in Frantschach AG are sold to Mondi plc.
2005 Acquisition of holding in Swedish paper and packaging company Billerud AB.
2008 FRAPAG Beteiligungsholding AG is established as a tool for active asset management.
2012 Billerud AB acquires packaging manufacturer Korsnäs AB. BillerudKorsnäs AB is established, with Frapag Beteiligungsholding – the operating arm of HKW private foundation – as the main shareholder.